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"Danni's knowledge of accounting combined with her understanding of how a creative shop functions makes for a powerful combination. We recommend her for anyone seeking to set up and use management software to its maximum potential." --Jeffrey A. Lupisella, Principal, Vizual, Inc.

Danni Smith

With Experience Comes Knowledge...
bringing 27 years of hands-on experience and knowledge to the table qualifies her as an experienced consultant and trainer.


* Experience:
- Workamajig (Creative Manager Pro) Lead Consultant / Trainer since 2004
- JobOrder Consultant / Trainer since 2003
- Clients & Profits Consultant / Trainer since 1997
- Great Plains Dynamics Tech Support, CFO Consulting
- Controller, Ad Inns, Incorporated
- Controller, Merkel Schleicher Graphics Communications
- Accounting Manager, Gouchenour Communications, Inc.
- Accounting/Computer Operations, Fry/Hammond/Barr, Inc.

* Philosophy: "Life's not a dress rehearsal -- go for it!"
* Primary focus: Making the client's daily workflow a breeze.
* Hobbies: SCUBA and riding her Harley.
* Passion: Animal Rescue

Danni is our top consultant and owner of our company.

"I enjoyed learning from Danni and her knowledge of our business (small ad agency) was a great asset in learning what was needed. Danni is a people person and quickly understands the level and ability of who she is training." --Judy Bodine, Bodine Marketing Group

Danni's experience in the real world of advertising includes job-cost accounting, managing production/traffic flow, handling media, procedure development, purchase/insertion orders, the creative mind, and timekeeping in small shops as well as large agencies. She is extremely experienced in all agency areas and her training sessions are innovative and fun.