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Sunset Consulting Services is a full-service
consulting and training company specializing
in advertising, design shops, and job/project-based
businesses across the United States and Canada.

Our History
We began in 1997 by providing consultation and needs analysis to
help agencies select a job/project-based accounting and management software package to suit their specific needs. We provide complete installation, setup, and training in addition to continued support for technical and accounting needs. We grew our services to include solutions for increasing revenue, lowering overhead, and maximizing
staff utilization. We can even assist in getting your accounting back
on track if you have lost your grasp.

We have provided our services to thousands of users at agencies
and design shops since 1997 in both the Macintosh and Windows
environments. Our company has enjoyed great success, and we will
continue to grow into the future.
Client Accolades
"Your knowledge and understanding of both accounting and how our ad agency runs was very helpful." --Sandi Brady, Church & Main, Inc.

"Your company has vast experience with both the creative and accounting sides of agencies which is critical." --Cara Benjey, DIA InnerActives

"Outstanding knowledge & experience. Your company sees the whole picture." --Mark Krueger, Vantage Point