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Serving Clients Across the US and Canada

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We have served clients in the following locations:

Florida • Maryland • Rhode Island
Pennsylvania • Tennessee • New Hampshire
Virginia • Alberta • North Carolina • Ohio
Colorado • Missouri • Minnesota • Ontario
California • Texas • Delaware • Washington, D.C.
Kentucky • New Zealand • Illinois • Georgia
Louisiana • Connecticut • Kansas • Michigan
Indiana • Louisiana • Iowa • Massachusetts
New York • Montana • South Carolina
British Columbia • Utah • Oregon • Maine
New Jersey • Wisconsin • Kansas
Nebraska • Vermont • Alabama • Quebec
Kansas • New Mexico • Wyoming

Because we travel throughout the US and Canada,
distance should not be a factor in selecting a consultant
when you're getting the knowledge and value you need.
Location does not define knowledge and/or expertise.

What our clients are saying...

"Outstanding service - that's what USA Group received. You communicated in a professional manner regarding all levels of staff knowledge and with accurate information."
--Mary Lou Hoffa, USA Group Corporate Communications

"Thanks for all your help! We never could have made it through the transition of converting the old version of the software to the new version without your help."
--Laura Graham, KF Dunn Associates

"There is no way, with my limited accounting background, that we could have gotten the system up and running without Sunset Consulting. We were a bit lost until we found you."
--Terre Sullivant, Carpenter/Sullivan, LLC.

"Danni did a fantastic job of taking care of our firm and understanding our needs. If you spend the money to get the software, plan on spending the money to get the best consultant to get it up and running."
--Kitch Walker, President & Co-Founder, Ripple Marketing, LLC

"You helped us make the transition from Quickbooks to Clients & Profits very smooth and was there every step of the way."
-- Melissa Sztelle, Gilbert & Manjura Marketing

"In two days Sunset Consulting was able to do more to help us out than 6 months worth of reading and re-reading the manual."
--Curt Van Loon, President, Adstrategies Incorporated

"Because of Danni's vast experience and knowledge of the advertising business, we were able to see exactly how Clients & Profits would help to streamline our production process. The "oohs" and "ahhs" were audible!"
--Wendy P. Kastner, Lead Online Designer, Miami Herald Online

"Our experience with your consultant was a milestone for our firm."
--Gary T. Smith, President, Smith Advertising & Associates

"We can do more things, faster and more efficient...and that's the name of the game. A hands-on course that was well worth it!"
--Todd Conrad, MAI International

"Your knowledge and understanding of both an agency standpoint and Clients & Profits software operations helped to save time, energy and duplication of effort. Again, many thanks for your help."
--Illene Cohen, Product Development Manager, Malfie Marketing

"You did a great job in exposing us to all the potential of Clients & Profits, and you were especially helpful in showing us how to tailor Clients & Profits to our business, which is not the typical agency."
--Delores Blount, Publisher, Strand Media Group

If you would like to contact any of our clients,
give us a call and we'll be happy to supply a list of references.